Santa Speedo Run - December 8, 2018


Strap on those harnesses and jingle those bells, it's time for the Santa Speedo Run once again! Donate to team Glitterati in supporting the Center on Halsted. Last year we raised more than ever! Help continue our success and give to a worthy cause as we turn ourselves into santa's elves. Sparkles, feathers, and gays, Oh MY! 
Donate what you can, tell your friends, loved ones, or coworkers and help us bring a little light some strange times. Then meet us at Sidetrack the Video Bar on Dec. 8th, 2018 as we run a mile outside! That's right, you donate, we dress up, then run outside in winter. 


Your donation to our team and the Santa Speedo Run benefits the Center on Halsted. Center on Halsted is the Midwest's most comprehensive community center dedicated to advancing community and securing the health and well-being of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) people of Chicagoland.  

Thank you!


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